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152 Westons Rd, Thredbo Valley
Crackenback, NSW, 2627, Australia
PO Bo 438, Jindabyne
NSW, 2627, Australia
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Want A Memorable Holiday In The Snowy Mountains?
Rent Your Own Alpine Way Accommodation

One thing that can be guaranteed in the Snowies is that you won’t get bored while enjoying your stay in your personalised Alpine way accommodation. Snowy mountains offer a range of leisure time activities and adventure sports for every kind of Homo sapiens.

From the top of the snow-capped Snowy Mountains to the bed of Lake Jindabyne, every turn of the road presents a spectacular view.

You can enjoy sightseeing and return to your chalet in Silvertop, spread across acres of bushland. Here, you can take pleasure in a drink beside your fireplace and unwind.

This lodge values your privacy and has a beautiful ambience to soothe your nerves. There is nothing better than the tranquillity of your own snowy mountain accommodation, and what better than Silvertop, which is a tourist attraction in itself.

Attractions In The Snowies

Visiting the Kosciuszko National Park
Your alpine way accommodation gives you a beautiful and picturesque view of the Kosciuszko National Park. You can also go visit the Park and enjoy a walk or a hike to Mt. Kosciuszko.
You can hire all sorts of boats, paddle boats, fishing boats, sail boats and indulge a variety of lake and river water boating options. Sailing on Lake Jindabyne and being guided by the wind is an enthralling experience.
Canoeing Or Kayaking
Go canoeing or kayaking on the lake or mountain rivers and get enchanted by the beauty around you.
This place offers some of the best motorcycling routes in Australia. The most wonderful thing about the tracks is the view to your Jindabyne holiday accommodation, which is a unique experience in itself.
Mountain Biking
You can easily hire bicycles and go biking on the mountainous tracks in the Snowies.
Horse Riding
People of any age group can go horse riding for as long as they want and feel majestic on horseback.
Skiing Options
Winter is the ideal time in the Snowies to indulge in winter sports. The most well known games are snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and ski boarding. So if you end up spending your vacation in the Snowies in this season, do not miss this one.
Camping And Caving
Yarrangobilly Caves must not be missed when in the Snowy Mountains. Moreover, while you are there, remember to take a plunge in the thermal pool there and get refreshed. There is many a campsite and picnic spot in the terrain to exult in.

After spending the day outside, there is nothing better than coming home to a place where you can relax. Alpine way accommodation, like Silvertop Lodge gives you a similar experience with a cosy and comfortable milieu that makes you forget everything else.

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