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152 Westons Rd, Thredbo Valley
Crackenback, NSW, 2627, Australia
PO Bo 438, Jindabyne
NSW, 2627, Australia
  • Tel: +61 407 224 421
Want An Escape From Your Mechanical Life?
Find A Sanctuary In Your Own Jindabyne Accomodation

The ideal place to enjoy the magic of a hamlet, is your Jindabyne accomodation in Australia’s Snowy Mountains also known as the Snowies. Jindabyne is a hot favourite among visitors throughout the year as it is home to many holiday resorts like Silvertop Lodge.

The place has a lot to offer in terms of activities suited to all age groups and personalities all round the year.

Your Snowy Mountain Accommodation In Summer

Silvertop offers a variety of options for spending a lovely day in the summer season. If you do not want to go out, you can listen to some lovely music or watch a lovely movie in your apartment. Yes, with the apartment come entertainment resources like a CD player and a DVD player.

If you want to explore the raw creations of nature that are not only a delight to the eye but also soothing to the mind, you can take self-guided or guided walking tours through Thredbo, Jindabyne and Perisher Valley.

You can also go hiking on the Brumbie Walk or the Alpine Sunset and Sunrise Walk.

Another option you can consider are the water sports to give you an adrenalin rush and refresh you completely. You do not need to worry about your security as all the safety equipment is supplied to you before you go canoeing or kayaking. If you enjoy a slow-paced and relaxed holiday, you can go paddle boating or sailing on Lake Jindabyne.

After a day filled with excitement and leisure, you can come back to your Jindabyne holiday accomodation at Silvertop and enjoy a lovely home-cooked meal.

Enjoying The Winter In Your Jindabyne Snow Accommodation

Silvertop offers a lovely fireplace in the studio where you can enjoy a lovely cup of coffee or your favourite drink, along with your family or friends, in a cold winter evening.

Winter otherwise means a lot of thrill and enthusiasm, as it brings with it the favourite sport around the Snowies, skiing. Skiing is undoubtedly the most loved activity in this area and offers many options, both for beginners and pros alike. You can participate in any of the following- ski and board, snowshoe and cross country ski, as per your wish.

Fun-Filled Life The Whole Year

Apart from the summer and winter adventures, you can pamper your senses anytime you visit Australia.

Fishing Trips can be planned while staying in your friendly accomodation in Jindabyne where you can fish and can also go camping and caving or for a lovely picnic around the area.

Eucumbene Trout Farm is another interesting site where you can see all the stages of a fish’s life, right from its hatching to its growth.

You can also explore the opportunity to swim in any weather- in a warm indoor pool or in a cold stream or in the Jindabyne Lake. If you are lucky and the lake waters are low, you can also catch a glimpse of the old town submerged under the lake.

You can come home to your own Jindabyne accomodation at the end of the day, and enjoy the privacy of your niche among the lake and the mountains, and cherish the memories forever.


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