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152 Westons Rd, Thredbo Valley
Crackenback, NSW, 2627, Australia
PO Bo 438, Jindabyne
NSW, 2627, Australia
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Worried About Your Stay In The Alpine Way?
Your Pursuit For An Ideal Jindabyne Accommodation Ends Here

If you were confused about your staying alternatives in Jindabyne, here is your perfect Jindabyne accommodation. You may stay in a hotel, however, before you decide upon this option, here are some reasons why renting your own lodge could be better.
Favouring A Jindabyne Self Contained Accommodation Over Other Available Alternatives

Silvertop is an ideal snow accommodation because it is centrally located. It connects you with the entire territory, with Jindabyne on one side and Thredbo on the other. Travelling in the Skitube is an unmatched experience in itself as the rail passes through the mountain tunnel.

It is spread across more than 200 acres of land, acting as a travellers delight in itself. The dazzling view of the entire bushland across the Snowy Mountains can be beheld from your accommodation. Unlike a luxury hotel, it offers a huge private space for you to call your own.

Besides, a luxury hotel will charge quite a sum for the overhead expenses and tariffs. This can be conveniently avoided in your Jindabyne accommodation.

There are no restrictions and you can come and go anytime you want, without having to tell or inform anyone. It gives you the freedom to breathe and freedom to unwind at your own pace and will.

Apart from these tiny benefits, there are other conveniences offered by a holiday home like Silvertop that may not be offered by a hotel. Self catering, for instance, can be beneficial, especially when travelling with kids.

Also, staying poky in a room with the entire family may not be too good an option. It may not be appreciated by your children, particularly if they are adolescent.

A lodge like Silvertop Retreat offers you a double storeyed two bedroom dwelling with all the modern facilities like heated floors and laundry facilities with a dry room. The living and dining areas are gigantic with a fireplace to leave you feeling imperial.

You can also stay connected with the rest of the world through the wireless Internet connection without having to go anywhere outside your lodging.

A major advantage of this Alpine way accommodation is that Silvertop has flexible arrival days and offers different rates for different periods of the year, so if arrive at the Snowies off season, the chances are that you will be able to amuse your pocket.

After all, when you go for a vacation, the idea is to unwind completely and formalities like standing in a queue to pay your bills, and checking out can dampen your holiday spirits. So don’t think twice before booking your Jindabyne accommodation which will help you make your trip unforgettable.


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